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We prove power of engineering knowledge

Every machine is unique.  Our expert technicians are ready to support you with experience of transmission equipment.  To develop new product or optimize your machine, you often need different types of high level knowledge, such as advanced calculation,  material science, to deliver the best performance and competitive advantage.  We can help you to :

  • Numerical simulation and design
  • Reduce time to market by faster design verification
  • Professional technical proposition

Enineering Support

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Training Service

As an engineer​, you are the key to a high quality and reliable product.  We help design your best product with a wide range of technical information and tools.  A professional training, before the product development kick-off or during the production, show the customer how to optimize the best performance of the products to take all advantage from the machine.


The well-organized production is the key concern to sustainable growth.    AppliedQuckTM is the key to improve the supply chain performance.  With innovation systems and customized solution, we optimize your parts management and ​simple logistics solutions depend on your demands.

Service kits improve efficiency with less machine downtime.  We also take care of installation.