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    XLT oil seal
Optimize Extremely Low Temperature Behaviour

Mining machines ​operating in extremly low temperature and contaminated environments can suffer from very short service life, resulting in costly maintenance and downtime.  We offer solutions to these challenges.

XLT materials are the latest innovative series of low temperature preoxide-cured fluooelastomer grades to extend low temperature flexibility with TR10 values ranging from -30°C to -45°C.

​Minimum start-up temperatures of solid oil polymer bearing reaches to -50°C.  The sealed bearing design eliminates relubrication and increases reliability and longer service life.


    Solid oil bearing
    XLT O-ring
    FFKM O-ring
    Metal seal

Valves and pumps within processing systems must operate in harsh environments, facing extreme temperatures ranging from -190°C to +850°C in conjuction with high and low pressures.  Seals within them may also have to withstand contact with aggressive chemical media and counter the possibility of explosive decompression.

​Helping to extend service life, metal seal and FFKM O-ring are performing excellently in such applications.

Resisting harsh conditions
    Deflection roller

Baby diaper and pant machines are expected to higher output, e.g. 1200pcs per minutes.  On the production line, overall speed is limited by the converters.  TEMCO rollers are designed to make the web guiding and handling considerably easier.

To reduce the mass moments of inertia, defelction rollers and pulleys use shells of aluminium and carbon fibre reinforced plastic which are combined with specific surface designs and special coating.

With low level of bearing friction and of mass moment of inertia rapidly accelerating movement sequences are possible with a minimum level of driving force.

It is all for high speed running
    Guide roller
    Deflection pulley